Charity Corner: Augie's Quest


ALS is a vicious disease. Anyone who has been effected by it will tell you the same. Ann abled body person loses the ability to walk, talk, many times breathe on their own. Eating ceases many times. Life expectancy when diagnosed is anywhere from 2-5 years without life altering surgeries to keep on breathing with a tracheotomy. All this goes onn in the body while the brain continues ot funtion at normal capacity. You literally become a prisoner in your own body. It's vicious. It's painful. It's heartbreaking. And above all, there is no cure. There is no clear cause either. People of all walks of life are affected by the disease. Young and old. Black, white, Hispanic. Men and women. It is one of the most frustrating diseases there is. But there is hope.

Augie Nieto was dignosed with ALS over 15 years ago. He was the successful founder of Life Quest fitness equipment. While the news to him and his family was devistating, he decided not to let it break him and made it his life's work to help fund the research to help find the cause and eventual cure for ALS. Augie's Quest is the #1 funding entity for ALS Therapy Developmental Institute (ALS TDI). Their function is to test what is behind the root cause of ALS and help patients. ALS TDI is also working on drug therapy in clinical trials on patients to see if ALS can be slowed down or reversed. Funding is the most important resource to continuing these breakthroughs at the clinic...which is what Augie's Quest and his team are working on each and everyday.

It's not pretty, but it's working. Each year there is more and more hope to finding the cause and the eventual cure to ALS. Augie's Quest is one of the most influential organizations leading the charge to make this happen. They are also an amazing resource for those newly diagnosed and can lead patients in the right place for treatments and doctors. Every dollar counts. If you would like to learn more about Augie's Quest and the incredible work they are doing or to make a donation please visit: Augie's Quest

“You can either celebrate what you can do, or mourn what you can’t. Every day I wake up and create a new normal. I don’t dwell on what has changed, but instead, I focus on keeping busy achieving my goals.” – Augie Nieto


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