Charity Corner: Frosted Faces Foundation


Mondays can be rough. No matter what line of work you are in, they can be hard to face. So I thought I would implement something into my blogs and that is a charity corner. Each Monday, I want to feature a charity that is making a difference to our community. Sometimes perspective is what you need - and maybe on a Monday, rather than being down on having to be back at work, we focus in on those who are doing their part to make our world a little bit better. I'll start this off with a charity that I have seen grow from a tiny little seed into a blossoming (and ever growing) flower! Say hello to Frosted Faces Foundation!
Frosted Faces Foundation is a nonprofit that gives dogs (and cats) a second chance at life. Senior animals are many times dumped in shelters because the begin to have failing health and owners can (or don't want to) care for them anymore. Frosted Faces steps in and gives these senior pups another shot at life with a loving family and quality veterinary care. Founded in 2014 by Kelly & Andy Smíšek, Frosted Faces save senior animals who are abandoned in shelters whose most certain fate would otherwise be euthanasia. Kelly and Andy begun saving animals in their 1-bedroom granny flat, one pet at a time. These days, they are running a full facility in north-east San Diego county, where they can house 30 animals before they meet their new owners. 
Their mission is simple: Fosters, Forever Fosters, and Forever Families drive the mission of Frosted Faces Foundation by caring for the senior animals. Friends volunteer time and donate professional services such as transporting, grooming, short term fostering, performing home inspections, organizing events, and gathering donations. Monthly sponsoring Fans financially support our promise of lifelong veterinary care, for example, helping to cover the costs of wellness check ups, diagnostics, major procedures, and monthly medications.  
It has been such an honor watching this organization grow from the ground up. Kelly and Andy's dedication to helping save senior animals and give the the second chance they deserve is unwavering. To know an animal could have one more day on this planet where they get quality medical treatment, a loving family to care for them, and somewhere warm for them to rest, is exceptional.
To learn more about Frosted Faces Foundation please visit their website at Frosted Faces Foundation.

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