Instagram and Pets: A Match Made In Heaven


Instagram is a wild place. One billion - BILLION - people use Instagram every month. More than 500 million people are accessing it everyday. The top followed person on Instagram is singer, Selena Gomez with 154 million followers. Like. WTF?!?! Can you imagine trying to filter through those DMs? Ha. And people love to post photos of their travels, their food shots, their bodies, and in my opinion, most importantly - their pets. #dogsofinstagram is almost always trending. With 154 million times hash-tagged, it's a fact that people are obsessed with posting about their furry friends. This realtor/blogger is absolutely no different. I post about our pug/terrier mix, Iris, at least once a week. I always check for what "national dog holiday" is coming up to shamelessly plug her in. Today, July 11th, is "national pet photo" day. So, of course, my account @the_constans_group went ahead and posted an adorable photo of our precious pup, and did people love it. See above photo.
So what is it about our four-legged family members that we LOVE to put out into the social world for all eyes to see? The hope that someone gives us the fake first place award for World's Most Adorable Dog? Or just for us as humans to get more likes? Whatever it may be, I think using our dogs/cats/pigs/chickens/snakes or whatever you call pet for social media is a GOOD THING. People like silly animals, sweet puppy kisses, crazy hair day for doggos, and crazy cat videos. If you need more proof that Instagram and pets are a perfect match - look at @itsdougthepug - this sweet Pug has nearly 4 million followers! Some of his posts get over a 1/2 million likes. It's ingenious. It's also proven in a recent study that viewing a photo of a cute animal gives us a "cognitive orientating response" - giving us something to smile about rather than be anxious about (source: The Independent). Pets on social are good to our MENTAL HEALTH! So, with those interesting results, why wouldn't you scroll through Instagram for cute pet pics? Give yourself some happiness, post a photo of your animal, and make your life a little more fulfilling!

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