What to expect in this unexpected housing market

The San Diego real estate market remains at the forefront of the California housing sector. Local home prices are nearly three times that of the national average, and pent-up demand created by the current pandemic has stimulated a healthy amount of activity. Pending sales are actually on the rise, despite historic valuations onset by competition. While demand persists, however, it appears an equal number of sellers don’t yet have the confidence to place their homes on the market. Prices have been increasing steadily over the last year, and there’s nothing to suggest the trend won’t continue. Prospective homeowners and long-term investors may find the latest disruption in the San Diego housing market to be an opportunity instead of an obstacle. Landlords, in particular, may have the best opportunities to capitalize on the new landscape created by San Diego real estate market trends. -Fortune Builders


So if you are a buyer digging your heals in and waiting to see if the market shifts towards a buyers market, you may have to wait awhile as summer months tend to lead to a lot of eyes on houses, especially with the pandemic just starting to wrap up.

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