You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name


I remember growing up and my parents watching the show CHEERS, and loving it, even though I did not know any of the adult innuendo. But I remember my Dad saying, that's what's cool, you walk into a pub or a restaurant and the people that work there light up with a smile on their face because you have come in. We had a place we would go to growing up in our Cardiff-by-the-Sea neighborhood (hiya Besta Wan), where the owner knew us all by name and I recorded that. Find a spot in your home town where you can make friends, drink a good pint, eat delish food, and have amazing conversation. Throughout the years, there have been places my girlfriends and I would frequent (Las Olas in Cardiff, Sbicca in Del Mar, Masuo's in Solana Beach) and the staff would know us by name, we would share our stories, and have a blast. Birthdays, anniversaries, grad parties, and more. But not until I met my boyfriend, did he introduce me to the bar above all bars, where no matter what, if I am having a bad day, I can go in - get a glass of wine, a great meal, and know if there is something I need get off my chest, they will listen (even if they don't want to).

The Tap Room in Pacific Beach, is my place. It's my hometown bar, the place where my boyfriend and I can go and watch soccer and grab one of one hundred beers or a glass of wine and know thatwe will have friendly service from amazing humans. Owned by two brothers who are local San Diegans, the Tap Room, sits on Garnet Ave. and is unassuming, but always fits the bill when you need a great beer and quality pub food. The staff are incredible, always friendly and will give you the attention you need. Specializing in primarily local breweries, the Tap Room will let you sample until you find the right drink. Plus, they are incredibly knowledgable about each beer that is listed on their menu (and that can number in the hundreds). They are also dog friendly on their patio, which is always a plus in my book! Any bar that has a dog-friendly space, is a bar I want to frequent.
The Tap Room is non-stuffy. You won't need a reservation or a large amount of money in your bank account to have a good time. Just belly up, maybe ask the bartender how their day is going, and I guarantee, you will have yourself a great experience. Maybe you'll be one like me, "where everyone knows your name".

The Tap Room has a website at SD TapRoom. They are open 7 days a week. During football season, they open their doors for the morning game. Hope to see you there the next time you're in town.

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